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  • Kiss-me Thru the phone – Soulja Boy

    Kiss-me Thru the phone – Soulja Boy

    When I am operating, sure I understand I’m planning beI’m will be the person who has working hard to have youAnd if money, comes in towards really works I doI’ll pass just about every penny to youWhen I come domestic(Once i come home), better I’m sure I am likely to beI’m will be the guy which comes back home to help you youAnd while i feel my age, better I am aware I am attending beI’m likely to be the guy having growing older to you

    Whenever I’m lonely, better I know I am probably beI’m probably going to be the guy that has lonely instead youAnd whenever I’m thinking, well I’m sure I’m probably dreamI’m going to Desire the time when I’m having youWhen I go aside(When i big date), really I’m sure I am planning to beI’m going to be the person exactly who happens and youAnd while i get home(Once i return home), sure I understand I’m attending beI’m gonna be the man exactly who comes home having youI’m gonna be the guy who may have future house with you